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Radioactive Waste Disposal

Tradebe Labwaste provides nationwide routine and one-off collections for the safe and secure disposal of low level radioactive materials.

Your waste will be safely managed by Tradebe throughout the entire disposal process. From assessment, collection, transport and final secure disposal at our in-house high temperature facility. You will have a clear audit trail for the disposal of your radioactive waste.

Radioactive materials for disposal, include:

  • Solid Radioactive Waste
  • Liquid Radioactive Waste
  • Scintillation Waste
  • Mixed Waste (E.g. radioactive & chemical)
  • Contaminated Materials (E.g. sharps)
  • Thorium & Thorium Salts
  • Uranyl & Uranyl Salts
  • Education Sources (schools & universities)
  • Healthcare Industry Sources
  • Cloud Chamber Sources
  • Thoron Generators
  • Radon Generators
  • Becquerel Plates
  • Panax Kits
  • Protactinium Generators

We accept all alpha, beta and gamma radionuclides.

Radiological Monitors - Calibration, Sales, Hire & Repair 

As part of Tradebe, we can also supply you with radiation contamination monitors and dose rate meters sales, hire and repair services. We also provide certified, efficient and professional calibration of gamma dose rate and alpha/beta contamination monitors.

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