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Solvent Recovery & Recycling

Tradebe Labwaste bulk up solvents received for a number of recycling routes. Time expired solvents, and single solvent washes are bulked for distillation and recovery. Low moisture clear solvent blends are bulked for re-use in the paint and finishing industries, and heavily contaminated or pigmented materials with a calorific value are blended for alternate fuel use. For regular producers, at their next collection, we are able to return packaging for re-use once emptied.

Tradebe is the UK's largest solvent management company. We operate a number of solvent treatment facilities in-house, which include solvent distillation, recovered solvent thinner production, solvent fuel blending and high temperature incineration.

Solvents material that is processed by Tradebe is sold back to the market or returned to the customer as a laundry service.

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