Chemical Waste Disposal & Recycling


Labwaste collect Chemical Waste in all areas of the UK with customers ranging from those requiring weekly collection of routine production, titration, or testing residues, to one-off clearances of time expired or redundant stock.

Commonly collected are; 
·         Acid Waste
·         Aerosols
·         Batteries
·         Chlorinated Solvent
·         Contaminated Packaging
·         Contaminated PPE and Wipes
·         Gas Cylinders
·         Halogenated Waste
·         HPLC Waste
·         Lab Chemicals & Reagents (Lab Smalls)
·         Mercury & Mercury Contaminated Materials
·         Non-Chlorinated Solvent
·         Non-Halogenated Waste
·         Oil and Oil Contaminated Waste
·         Organic Waste
·         Out of Date Chemicals
·         Paint 



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