Chemical Waste Disposal & Recycling


Tradebe Labwaste collect Chemical Waste in all areas of the UK with customers ranging from those requiring weekly collection of routine production, titration, or testing residues, to one-off clearances of time expired or redundant stock.

We manage your chemical waste from classification, packaging, transportation, treatment through to final disposal. We always treat chemical waste in the most environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.

Commonly collected are; 
·         Acid Waste
·         Aerosols
·         Batteries
·         Chlorinated Solvent
·         Contaminated Packaging
·         Contaminated PPE and Wipes
·         Gas Cylinders
·         Halogenated Waste
·         HPLC Waste
·         Lab Chemicals & Reagents (Lab Smalls)
·         Mercury & Mercury Contaminated Materials
·         Non-Chlorinated Solvent
·         Non-Halogenated Waste
·         Oil and Oil Contaminated Waste
·         Organic Waste
·         Out of Date Chemicals



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